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And it's times just like these
When I say please
Lock that mouth cause bombs escape from it, girl
And watch them go, "hiss", "pop!"
Right down my throat
Explode, infecting all my lymph nodes
Oh, marksmen don't miss my heart again
Your toying never ends

I kinda like how you sound
With your mouth all bound
Now on you should think before you part lips
A tip for you
And did you know
I'm close to firing squads
They call all from my backyard
Oh, marksmen can I dodge your bullets again?
It seems I am their friend
But I don't wanna meet up with them

It's like when all is said and done
(Now I'm bothered and blue)
You know you'll still be my number one
(Where is my boo?)
If you can't get that through your head "hun", I'm sorry
(I love her, so open up those damn lips)
I don't care
(I need you)

She left me no choice
So I'll flee Seattle with a frown and a heart
Scared to death
It seems this is the best
But I will call for living and breath

It's like when all is said and done
(And I'm still bothered now red)
Will I still be your number one
(All in my head)
And say you love me
(I can be as cold as a mountain)
And say you lovely

And always we should see through
The things between me and you
And always we'll keep in mind
The love that we used to find
And steal from each others eyes
But I just cannot let go
Of bombs she too soon lets go
It filters into her speech
And canon onto my beach
And that's how I seem to lose
When always she lights that fuse
And lately it's found it's end
And waits to explode again

If you keep tempting I'll react
By not reacting I'll fight back
And I know where we'll get with that
Hopefully nowhere and that is how
A father's son shall deal
And I know that is fucked up
I know I am so damn fucked up
I just want to let it go
But I got evil forcess in my telling keep up my hold
If you will love me I'll love back
She tells me where I'll get with that
And not to Sweden and that's a fact
At least not when the sleeper's back...

(My being so bold is getting so old
The music just flows
And that is when the dreamer's back...)


from Fireworks, released July 7, 2007
All Music and Lyrics by The Dreamer and the Sleeper.



all rights reserved


The Dreamer and the Sleeper Monterey, California

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